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Throughout our services and the rest of our site, we speak about ‘low maintenance’, but its vital to remember this doesn’t mean ‘no maintenance’ – there is a big difference.

Often, render can get dirty through circumstances beyond the control of the manufacturer. A good example here is having a new lawn laid and then blaming the landscaping company for moss and weed growth that spoils the lawn after a single season. Therefore, if you do not carry out regular maintenance to the render, then it can suffer aesthetically, which can only get worse if left untreated.

Good maintenance practice should be followed. Should the render begin to get dirty, a light power wash – sometimes with the use of detergent – will generally bring the render finish back to its original condition. We do not recommend scrubbing the mineral facade render as this will typically scratch the surface.

Most products, when left outdoors, will change colour over time given changes in temperature and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. In general, dark render colours will fade more than light colours. This change in colour no way affects the performance of the render, but periodic recoating will keep your properties exterior in pristine condition.

Our team of professionals are able to help with maintaining your property, including recoating and/or any repairs that may need to be carried out.

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