Traditional Sand & Cement

Sand and cement rendering is a mixture of sand and cement that is applied directly to the bare brick of a property and then troweled smoothly and until flat.

It remains one of the cheapest forms of rendering and done correctly, it can offer both protection and a clean, decorative appearance. Another benefit is that it’s much simpler to repair if the damage is caught early enough.

Up until about a decade ago, sand and cement rendering would have been one of the only ways to render your property. It is a traditional type of external rendering that has been used on properties for numerous years, and it has been very effective.

Once applied and dried, its natural colour is a cement grey, but can easily be painted afterwards to achieve your desired look. Alternatively, colour pigments can be added during the application process.

Our experts can help with your next sand and cement rendering project, whether it’s installing a total rendering system or repairing your existing one.

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