Silicone Render Systems

Silicone render systems are a good way of preserving exterior façades of your property. They can help limit penetrating damp, as well as helping to improve the external appearance of your home.

Silicone render systems are best known as ‘crack-free render systems’ due to their flexibility in both the basecoat and topcoat. This is made possible due to being made up of several core components, including the presence of fibreglass throughout.

The first core component of the silicone render system is the basecoat layer. This reinforcing layer consists of a cement-based adhesive with a layer of fibreglass mesh embedded within.

The silicone topcoat is then applied with a thin coat, completing the installation.

Our partners, K Rends silicone range, incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the system.

This silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellency to the render surface while allowing water vapour to pass through the render allowing the substrate to breathe. The water repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period.

The Benefits 


Allows structure to breathe


Extensive design options


Hydrophobic – meaning they are self-cleaning


Long-lasting and low maintenance


Natural-looking finish


Specifically designed not to crack


UV stable - controlling and reducing the colour fading over time


Water repellency

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